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Household Carbon Accounting

The following data files support our 2020 paper on household carbon accounting

Household Carbon Accounting Main DB 05.csv

Household Carbon Accounting Summary DB 05.csv


Main Database release 2019

We have tracked all the energy coming into the household from the grid, solar panels and natural gas and leaving the house in the form of electrical energy sent to the grid plus the electrical energy used to charge our Tesla Model 3. All the numbers are meter readings or data from the local weather office. No calculations are included. The database starts on January 1st, 2007 and ends on May 31st, 2019. The short .PDF paper defines the meaning of each column of data.

Data Release - January 1st 2007 until May 31st 2019.pdf

Data Release - January 1st 2007 until May 31st 2019.csv


The file that follows contains the data supporting an extended version of the paper, "Solar PV Sustainability". We have added more daily data to support our analysis of curtailment.

Solar PV Sustainability - daily generation database.csv


The file that follows contains all our energy meter readings from January 1st, 2007 until December 31st 2014. The energy coming into / out of the household is defined by the daily meter readings from the electrical utility's meter (in and out), from our solar charge controller (kWh of daily generation) and from the natural gas meter in cubic meters of natural gas . Note that our electrical utility has changed our meter technology several times over the course of 2,922 continuous days. Initially we had a meter that measured only the electrical energy used. That changed into a few types of bi-directional meters. A cursory examination of the database will highlight those changes for those who want to crunch statistics. Note also that our array was upgraded from 1,500 Watts to 2,800 Watts in September 2013. That will account for our present day larger daily generation total plus a comparable increase in the amount of energy we send back to the Grid.

 Household Thermo Database 2007-14 02.csv


The file that follows contains all our generation data from January 1st, 2007 until December 31st, 2014. As well, it includes calculations for each day's efficiency and Capacity Factor. The efficiency calculation we use is based upon our own work. It allows us to compare the array performance at different times of the year. Its calculation is simply the number of Watt-hours generated in a day divided by the number of minutes the sun is above the horizon on that day and further divided by the size of the array in kilowatts. This type of efficiency calculation allows for array performance comparisons at different times of the year when the length of day is a huge factor in the total amount of energy harvested.

Household Solar PV Generation Database 2007-14 01.csv


The data that follows is the data portion of the paper, "Ambient Heat and Solar PV Power Output".

 The Ravina Project - Heat and PV Power.csv


The data that follows are five spread sheets in Comma Separated Value format. Each of these sheets contains one year of data collected over the last 5 years of the Ravina Project. These data document our attempt to track the energy flow from all sources through our household.

The Ravina Project - Household Energy Budget 2007 - pub01.csv

The Ravina Project - Household Energy Budget 2008 - pub01.csv

The Ravina Project - Household Energy Budget 2009 - pub01.csv

The Ravina Project - Household Energy Budget 2010 - pub01.csv

The Ravina Project - Household Energy Budget 2011 - pub01.csv


The sheet that follows documents the utility bills, gas and electricity, we have paid.

The Ravina Project - Billed Gas and Electricity usage - pub01.csv


Based upon the energy inputs, our modifications to our house's structure and the changes we have made, as well, to the household we calculate our household efficiency changes. The data that follows provides the support for these calculations.

The Ravina Project - Household Efficiency Calculations - pub02.csv